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mindless_bratz's Journal

MSI Crackaz
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Mindless Self Indulgence

Rules of this community:

1] no lame surveys

1- what's your favorite band
2- what color are your pubes
3- can i have sex with you

no you cannot have sex with us. unless we like you. then there will be lots of sex.

2] no lame tests

3] this isn't the place to put other people down. there are seasoned mindless fans and there are newbies. all of us will live in harmony. and like it.

4] kristen (_indecision) must like you

5] talk about msi. talk about someone mindless toured with. talk about your show experiences. get to know your fellow mindless fans. ask questions. keep it semi-on topic and no one will eat your first born child. promise.

6] learn all about the lj-cut tag should you want to post: more than a couple pictures, a large picture, or an excessively long entry. don't know how to do it? any of your friendly mod's would be happy to tell you, but you have to ask.

7] if your user icon blinks more than a turn signal on speed, don't use it. i swear to god if your icon makes me want to have seizures i'm kicking your ass out. this is probably the MOST important rule.

moderators: _indecision + future_dystopia + grotesquery
-like it or fuck up slut-